your talent.

Hire Me


Before I draft your writing, you’ll complete a questionnare and we’ll have a follow-up so I can learn bit about you, your background, and your business or professional goals.  If “you” are a company or law firm, then you tell me this as it relates to the firm and its key players.

We’ll discuss:

  • the goals of the writing
  • your target audience
  • the message you want to convey
  • the feeling you want to evoke
  • what you do and don’t like about any existing content.


My fee is based on the project, and will be either a flat fee or an hourly. You can hire me for just one service, on a retainer basis, or for a package that we create together.

Draft and Process

I’ll send you a draft for review and comment.  Some people want to take a very hands-on approach with revisions, some not. It’s up to you.

The writing will be in the appropriate “voice.”

Your bio, website, or LinkedIn profile should read as you speak, or readers may lose interest, or worse, have a feeling of distrust.  When you have a product to sell, the language you use must be appropriate to that product and sensitive to your audience. But my goal is for the writing to truly reflect you, your personality, your product, and your way of interacting with others.

The writing will speak to your audience.

We’ll clearly identify your audience, determine what they are interested in, and how they best can hear it. The writing will then speak to YOUR audience, and do so in a way that will have people find you in their internet searches. It will be authentic and take into account what’s important and appropriate to your ideal client or the ready you want to reach.

Final Product

You will have website content, bio, profile, or other writing you want and be proud and excited to share with others.

Your message will be well-organized, clear, succinct, persuasive, and appropriate.

Your target audience will be eager to connect with you and take the action you are looking for.

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