Being known
for who you are.

Why I’m Qualified

I know what it takes to shine in the digital world, and I have over 20 years experience writing to produce a result.

What I do

  • Cut to the chase and clarify the message;
  • Translate your message into compelling copy;
  • Create order out of thoughts or words that are in disarray;
  • Say what you want to say but have been unable to articulate;
  • Write in your voice—not mine;
  • Make sure the writing speaks to your target audience;
  • Incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) strategy.

I’m a keen and astute listener and organizer of information. Much like a graphic designer creates a visual with pictures, I create a visual with words.


I’ve worked in the public, private, and non-profit sectors.  First I was an Assistant District Attorney in Philadelphia, then I moved to a boutique litigation firm, and then to a non-profit social service agency.  Writing has always been a major component of my work—whether I was drafting my own documents or editing those of my colleagues.  In college I majored in rhetoric and communication–studying logic, reasoning, and persuasion.

I’ve written everything from lengthy trial memoranda, to highly organized and detailed deposition summaries, to requests for funding for programs to feed the poor, to bios for new business owners.

I make sure that the reader doesn’t have to struggle—not even for a second—to understand.

While the writings often complement a visual image, they always have the impact to stand on their own.


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